Seeking Vocation in Our Lives

We often in our lives hear about people who have vocations. We hear about teachers and doctors. We hear about living saints like Mother Theresa and Mother Amma in India.

But we also remember ancestors like Minister Phebe Ann Coffin Hanaford who in 1877 may have been the first openly lesbian minister in the US. And we acknowledge all the counselors, churches and clergy who, having opened their hearts, minds and doors, are clearly acting as healers. And we ask ourselves, where have we opened ourselves to helping, healing and caring for those in need?

We read James Baldwin and we can just perceive how he opened up his soul and let it all come tumbling out. We gaze in wonder at the art of Frida Kahlo and we understand the sheer energy, focus and passion that it must have taken to create it. But when we look in the mirror, do we see that same passion, that same focus or that same energy? Can we find a way to tap into the deep reservoirs of our own soul?

We remember heroes like Jack Nichols who in 1961 founded the Mattachine Society. We pour libations for brave warriors like Audre Lourdre who inspired women, black women and black lesbians the world over. We remember pioneers like Harry Hay one of the fathers of radical gay spirituality. Can we be so bold, so brave and so daring? Can we not?

We remember with deep gratitude people like Minister Troy Perry who in 1968 started what became MCC. And we look around at all the people here in this room, who have labored to build an interfaith coalition. And tonight we in this room are the fruit of their labors. This is vocation. This is what I am talking about as answering the call of the divine.

And so I as I look out at all of you here tonight, I have a question or two for you. What are the ways you are answering the call of the divine in your own heart, in your own life and in your own community? What roles do you play? Are you an artist? Are you taking the time to manifest your dreams? Are called to heal? Have you found a way to apply a balm to the suffering souls around you? Is advocacy and activism, the path you feel called to walk? Is their something you need to fight for not just against? Do you feel the urge to build something? Where are you nurturing new growth and tending to the needs of the future? And if you hear this call, feel this call in your very bones … what are you doing about it?

I invite you to join me, to join us. There is a great big world out there that needs all of us awake, aware and ready to act on our dreams, our hopes and our core values. And we need every single one of you. None of you are expendable; we each have our unique contribution, our unique gift to share. C’mon, the phone is ringing. Answer the call!

Thank you.
©2006 Katrina Messenger

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