Second Quarter Progress Report

I was sooooo busy, I had to wait till I finished my series on using dreams and symbols to navigate your productivity before I could do my update.

So although I reviewed my second quarter in July, I did not write up this report till now. The first thing I noted was that I needed to drop several of my previous goals. Secondly, that several of my goals were essentially completed. And lastly, and this one is a biggie, I have substantially changed trajectory and I need to re-evaluate all my remaining annual goals.

I review my Long Term Goals every quarter. But I review my annual goals every single week. And the slow change in focus has been obvious to me for a while now. So of the goals that are left, I need to consider just how many of them reflect my current focus.

I could go back to my original annual goals list and modify it as needed. Or I could restart the process and determine new goals for the last six months of 2008. I have decided to do a little of both. First I have updated my annual goals list with the current status. Below are the remaining open goals.

Remaining 2008 Goals

I have added two major additions to my annual goals

  • Teaching at Cherry Hill Seminary
  • Active collaboration with P (a web guy) to produce major web site designs

Which when added to my existing major projects of …

  • Psychology & Magick book proposal, final draft and literary agent
  • 2009 weekend intensive for Presidents Day weekend 09
  • Reflections Mystery School (+Plan 2009 school year & school portal upgrade)
  • Connect DC (+Complete web site upgrade)

… gives me a rather full plate for the last half of 2008.

I am thinking with these major items on my already full plate, these two goals may be too much for me this year.

  • Answer requests for short term Drupal assistance on local job boards
  • Let more folks know that I am available for out of town classes, workshops, festivals and conferences.

But I will hold on to the following goals, since they represent items that could be generally seen as representing home, health and finances. And those three areas usually represent a challenge for me in terms of motivation and focus. Although I may trim back my list of home projects for this year.

  • Walk 30 minutes three times a week
  • Baseline weight closer to ~200 lbs
  • Build up my cash reserves
  • Will and Power of Attorney documents
  • Repairs and reorganization – Maybe three items from the list below.
    • Kitchen (3 projects),
    • Bedroom (3 projects) and
    • Closet (2 projects)

The remaining goals concern advertising my classes, workshops and intensives. I will most likely advertise the annual intensive as planned, but I will reconsider advertising my regular classes. I will review this area again in September.

  • Create a Reflections Mystery School brochure
  • Advertise classes and rituals in local newsletters such as the Hill Rag, DC North, Takoma Voice, etc.
  • Advertise annual Reflections intensive in regional and national publications

I have already dropped goals that represented my old business focus and goals that would be difficult to accomplish with the upswing in business and a full teaching schedule.

So now all that is left is rescheduling the remaining items and updating my project files.


I have accomplished an awful lot this year already. But if I did not review my annual goals and drop ones that no longer serve me, I would be setting myself up for disappointment. Because things have change substantially in my life compared to earlier in the year, re-examining my goals helps me to refocus the second half of the year.

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