Shadow on the Path : Clearing the Psychological Blocks to Spiritual Development

cover of Shadow on the Path :  Clearing the Psychological Blocks to Spiritual Developmentauthor: V. J. Fedorschak
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0934252815
binding: Paperback
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Psychology and spiritual healing meet in this important book that explores the nature of the human psychological 'shadow.' Eminent psychoanalyst Carl Jung first used the term "shadow" to designate the dark side of the human personality: the part of ourselves we try to hide from or deny. Paradoxically, denying our shadows leaves us stuck on our spiritual paths-a condition that V. J. Fedorschak identifies and addresses in this contemporary approach to spiritual psychotherapy. Tracing the development of the shadow from Freud through the present, The Shadow on the Path offers four approaches to help readers understand and face their shadow-and thereby regain clarity and growth in their lives. An indispensable tool for spiritual and psychological growth, and eminently readable, The Shadow on the Path discusses *The "shadow" in the works of Freud, Jung, Reich, Alice Miller and other notable therapists *The principles of inner spiritual development in the major world religions, and how these traditions address the "shadow" *Examples of the disowned "shadow" in contemporary religious movements *Methods of spiritual psychotherapy that can be useful in the healing process *Case studies of clients in spiritual groups who have worked with their shadow issues. The Shadow on the Path is a daring book that offers insight into the ramifications of the denied shadow, from individual suffering to corruption within spiritual groups.

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