Mistaken Beliefs about Vocation

In my experience, I have noted three mistaken beliefs about vocation. These beliefs often stop us from tapping the hidden jewel within.

  • Vocation is reserved for the pious and the martyr. That we must be like Mother Theresa in order to have a vocation. This belief can lead us to mistakenly belittle the real impact of our lives. Where we can touch people hearts in the here and now.
  • Vocation is associated with roles unrelated to a person’s talents and gifts. This belief on one hand narrows the field of possible vocations to a select few. And at the same time, it may lead one to walk away from one’s divinely given talents in pursuit of purpose and meaning.
  • True vocation requires an escape from the din and diversity of ideas, religions, philosophies and beliefs. This belief may lead one to assume that a vocation is only possible when one can isolate oneself from life itself. We may be lead to monastic life for example as an escape instead of a true calling.

In acknowledging ones true vocation, we can find both purpose and meaning. And we need not sacrifice our talents or our connections to life.

How does one find their vocation?

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