How Does One Find Their Vocation

In my experience there are three ways to discover your vocation. I recommend that you try all three.

  1. Follow your bliss!
    Figure out where in your life you already feel the juice, and do it on purpose. If there is no juice in your life, find something that you enjoy doing and that will give your life purpose and meaning. And check in from time to time with yourself, as your vocation evolves and changes.
  2. What are you good at? Where does your talent lie?
    Most of us are good at something. We may be good at taking notes, baking cakes, designing web sites, growing tomatoes, repairing cars or raising children. We all have a knack for something that folks around us seem to appreciate. Make a list of all those areas where you caught on quickly, or where you are able to do things better than most folks. Especially include those areas that seem trivial. Use your creative imagination to figure out what they have in common or what commonalities exist among them. Once you have a list, try applying these abilities in all areas of your life. Refine your list over time as you get more information.
  3. Buckaroo Banzai Method
    Remember how Buckaroo Banzai was a rock star surgeon? Young children talk about future careers this way, “I’m going to be a fireman and a astronaut!” Your unique contribution may not have a simple title or involve only a single talent. Do not settle for half of your vocation. Allow your self to fully embrace all of your unique gifts.

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