DC Red Dragon Feast Origins

from Donald L. Engstrom

"The Red Dragon first made Herself know while the Mosquito Spell, a spell to heal AIDS, was taking shape. She first came to us to let us know that there is a cure for AIDS.

The Red Dragon is essential to the cures for all blood disorders. She holds our living red blood sacred. She delights in the pure clean flow of healthy blood. The Red Dragon celebrates all aspects of Life as She swims through out our vessels and veins. She celebrates the sprouting, the blossoming, the fruiting, the rotting, the never ending spiral of life. The Red Dragon came to give us certain portions of the Blood Mysteries that are necessary to find a healing for AIDS.

A basic tool given to us to share with all who are interested, is the Red Dragon Dinner. This is a feast in celebration of our living red blood. It is a time to sing the praises of our lives, to wonder aloud about the mysteries of existence, to embrace the goodness of Life. One of the ways this dinner works, is that it brings the cure closer to a usable human reality each time it occurs, for it reminds us that the cure is already on Earth and that Life is sweet indeed. Another way it works, is that it empowers the Red Dragon to do what She needs to do and for some reason it also engages the Ancestors in this work.

The dinner keeps growing. Not many more than four or five dinners had taken place when the Red Dragon informed us that She was now beginning to work on a cure for Breast Cancer. And perhaps it was a just over a year after that, She informed us that She was now very interesting in helping out in the curing of all blood diseases. These bits of information should be kept in mind when celebrating a Red Dragon Dinner. It is also important to remember that this is a living growing celebration, not a static unchanging thing.

‘May we all dare to live in Beauty, Balance and Delight.

May we all dare to see with clear eyes and an open heart.’ "

from Katrina Messenger

I organized the first Red Dragon Feast held in DC in 1998, since that time it has evolved into an annual celebration of lifeforce, community and magic. The first cosponsors where Dark Flame Coven and the Sojourners Truth Congregation of Unitarian Universalists. As a community we were the first internationally to associated the feast with Valentine's Day and celebrate it as a gift of love.

In 1999, The DC Radical Fairies joined Dark Flame in sponsoring the feast. The event has grown over the years under the leadership of the DC Radical Fairies into a major fundraiser for community organizations and programs the are dedicated to caring for survivors, caretakers and ultimately finding a cure for all blood borne illnesses.

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