All of the following is negotiable.

If I need to travel over 50 miles to teach or perform a service at your location you will need to cover my travel, lodging and food expenses.

For classes I usually get $50 - $100 per person per day with a guaranteed minimum of $500 (5 - 10 people).

I charge $100 for a spiritual consulting session. A typical session lasts 50 minutes. We can meet face to face, over the phone or via Skype.

For Rites of Passage such as dedications, naming, blessings, cronings, etc, I usually get $200 to $500.

For Weddings or Handfastings, I expect $400 to $750. This price includes a spiritual consulting session with the couple, jointly planning the ritual and the on-site rehearsal.

For sermons and tarot readings, I charge a minimum of $100.

Contact me for pricing for performances.

Also check out the Reflections Course Catalog for additional classes.

I can also design classes to fit your specific needs.

Use the Contact form start a dialogue.

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