Hands Full of Gratitude

Snapshots of my vacation so far …

  • Selecting a bit more of the dark side then the light side when cutting a “balanced “ piece of Star Trek/Star Wars themed birthday cake
  • Forced to watch adult swim episodes (Venture Brothers) with drunken companions.
  • Munching on gourmet two-egg omelet filled with herbs and dotted with cheese.
  • Sitting in air-conditioned interiors while it is only in the seventies outside, and no … we have no hot soup, hot tea or quilts available… brrrrrr ..
  • Subject to late night torture with Muppet videos while swilling back Old Fashioneds.
  • Crashing my way to last place in video driving game in front of cheering on-lookers.
  • Early morning conversations with an eight year old about naming pet tarantulas and scorpions with names like Fluffy and Spot.

Spending time with dear old friends ... priceless.

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