First Quarter Progress Report

Well, it is time for an update on my progress toward my annual goals. First off, I lost some time this past month due to a “growth” opportunity, i.e. a butt-kicking spiritual ordeal. And so as expected, I have had to modify my plan and push many of my first quarter goals forward and adjust the rest of my annual plan.

But here is the good news. I still managed to complete three goals and move forward on several others.

Completed Goals

  • Normal Blood Sugar (Glucose ~ 90)
  • Lowered Overall Cholesterol Levels (~ 200)
    I haven’t read the lab report yet, but my doctor reports that my cholesterol levels are normal. Apparently, I needed medication to finish bringing down the bad cholesterol levels. So unless the report says otherwise, I am counting this as a win. My glucose levels were also on the mark, so I just need to continue with my current good habits. Yay!

  • Create Marketing Goals
    I still need to schedule and add them to the plan, but here are my 2008 marketing goals.

    1. Amber Eyes Marketing/Business Goals
      • Raise prices for web design to reflect my new hourly rate
      • Create templates, wire frame themes and a live test bed so I can build sites faster
      • Answer requests for short term Drupal assistance on local job boards
      • Attend networking events like the local Drupal Meetup
    2. Outreach/Publicity Goals
      • Advertise Connect DC Rituals in Washington Post Religion section starting with Summer Solstice. (This has been in the works for a looong time!)
      • Create a Reflections Mystery School brochure
      • Advertise classes and rituals in local newsletters such as the Hill Rag, DC North, Takoma Voice, etc.
      • Advertise annual Reflections intensive in regional and national publications
      • Let more folks know that I am available for out of town classes, workshops, festivals and conferences.

April Goals

Several of my April goals are already underway, so I just need to focus on completing them.

  • Schedule Two Classes Or Workshops Out Of Town
    I had three out-of-town classes in the pipeline last month, one was scheduled and another dropped. I am still waiting to see if the remaining class can be scheduled for this year or not. If I cheat (and c’mon, I set the rules!), I could count my sermon in Cumberland, MD this month as an out of town class. In which case, another completed goal! But I am still going to hold out and see if I can schedule another class.

  • File Taxes Jan/Feb, No Extensions
    Since I lost most of my open time in March, I may have to call my accountant and request an extension. It is not a big deal, especially since this year I think I did a better job in estimating my quarterly payments. I would still prefer to file them this month; it is just that I doubt I will make the deadline of the 15th.

  • Implement E-Commerce Solution On Two Sites
    I have the ecommerce solution working on one site, but I am not satisfied with it yet. I want to test out two other solutions before deciding which one to use. I also have a new client (!) who needs an ecommerce solution – so this one will definitely move forward this month.

  • New Glasses
    I have completed the research on my two vision plans – gotta love Fortune 100 retirement plans. I just need to pick which vision plan I will use and make the appointment.

  • Kitchen Sink & Water Filter
    I am planning to use the money from my new client to fix the sinks in my kitchen and upstairs bathroom. But I have to wait till the check arrives.

  • Walk 30 Minutes Two Times A Week
    And this is the month I begin the twice-weekly walks. I am waiting for warmer temperatures to ease my aching joints. I am thinking of adding the new walk on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, since I normally walk after yoga on Thursday already.

    Ongoing Goals

    I also need to pay attention to some overall goals. I feel like I need to break them down somehow into smaller steps.

  • Openness In My Schedule So I Can Have A Social Life
    The biggest issue so far is my having purposely overloaded the first quarter so I could have some free time later this quarter. I need to block out time for me so social connections are easier. I still managed to get social time each month, most notably spending quality time with my cohorts in the Hard-K club for our annual Hat Night celebration and doing some juicy magic with a couple of dear friends. More of the same, please!

  • % Of Proceeds To Cash Reserves
    March is the month where I begin allocating a percentage of all proceeds to my reserves. I will do the allocation for last month when I reconcile my various accounts over the next week or so.

  • Baseline Weight Closer To ~200 Lbs
    This goal sends shivers down my spine. My weight is pretty stable at the moment, so I am hoping the extra walking will help with this goal. I will re-evaluate my progress in this area in June and adjust accordingly.

    All in all, a good start.

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