Why Am I Here?

This is the second part of my series on Productivity. To start at the beginning, you can begin here.

One of my favorite authors is Stephen Covey. I assigned Covey’s First Things First for our first Reflections book study. I had read the book many years ago after working with various other time management techniques since the mid seventies. As part of our work that year, I refined my mission statement and defined more thoroughly the roles that mattered to me within my life at that time. The current version of my mission statement is below.

• To share my gifts.
• To actively participate in my own evolution.
• To acknowledge divine mystery.
• To experience the joy, sweetness and beauty of life.
• To be willing to touch and be touched by the journeys of my loved ones
• To be grounded in the present moment with an open heart and mind
• To engage in radical self care

I really like my mission statement and it truly speaks to what I feel is my purpose and vision. I review my mission at least twice annually. This is the first one that has stood the test of time. The core ideas have remained unchanged for several years, but I kept stripping out nonessentials till finally it felt just right. I have a feeling this one is a keeper. But who knows. I could change my mind. That is why I review it regularly.

My mission, for me, answers the question, "Why?" Because once I know why, the "What" and "How" becomes easier to tackle.

You may notice that mine combines in one statement my spiritual, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual imperatives. That is intentional. I refuse to compartmentalize my life unnecessarily. Moreover, many of my goals impact multiple areas of my life simultaneously.

It is called synergy. When you can work synergistically, it requires less energy and can feel less chaotic. Next up are my long term goals.

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