A Sustainable Life

These first two long-term goals are associated with having a sustainable lifestyle and a soul nurturing social life.

Spiritual, Sustainable And Healthy Lifestyle

This goal is the linchpin for all my other goals. As I struggle to create healthier habits, my lifestyle also needs to change. I cannot continue with my current level of work while simultaneously having the time to exercise, plan healthy meals and slow down my hectic pace.

So I need a new lifestyle, a lifestyle makeover. I need to continue to simplify, lower expectations and shed unrealistic standards. The life I lead today is so less stressful than when I worked in my corporate job. But with all my goals pulling at me, I often find it difficult to pace myself and I feel like I need to do everything at once.

But there is another way. And this is the path I hoping to discover. As I slow down, experiment and discover new ways at approaching my life, my dreams and my visions, I am hoping to craft a new way at approaching life itself. I am not trying to create a life devoid of passion, challenge or mystery, so I am not complaining about the stress, obstacles and limits of everyday life.

I just want to imbue my spiritual work within the very soil of my everyday life. I want to live the life of a mystic and shaman in the middle of a bustling city. I want to find out just how much magick you can inject into the everyday so-called mundane world before it begins to morph right before your eyes into something we have not experienced as a species in a millennium.

My waking life already resembles a dream more often than not. Now I want that dream like world I inhabit to teach me more about navigating my way through to actually changing the manifest world.

So my annual goals in this area, on the surface, seem very mundane -- more space, more planning, more time, new glasses and a set of healthier habits. It is the approach to them that is key. Each and every goal is at its core a spiritual quest, a journey into my soul and ultimately into the unknown. In order to accomplish most of them requires something inside of me to change at a fundamental level.

My Life Has Room For Me, And My Chosen Family

As my brother said once as he walked through a room filled with my friends, “You have a *lot* of friends!”

And I do have a lot of friends. It is one of the things I enjoy about my life. I can make and keep friends of such depth, talent and authenticity. All my friends seem to me to be such smart, beautiful, talented and down to earth people. Most of them I do not get to see much anymore, but my feelings for them have not diminished one iota.

It is the main thing I miss about teaching at witch camps. I always felt that witch camp teachers were like this big network of best friends that you got to work with in different combinations each year.

In fact, I was really tired last year of not having time in my life for the people I enjoy the most. So I changed my life. These people are my chosen family, so I sought ways to see and talk with them more often. I managed to keep up with more folks last year because of my commitment.

So this year, I need to free up even more time and headspace to keep in touch with other folks too, especially those who are local. And there has to be a way to mix teaching more often with visiting friends when I am on the road.

One strategy that has worked beautifully is my annual New Year’s Day dinner party. Every year I get better at spending more time enjoying my guests. And my commitment to acknowledging birthdays has been a smashing success. I just need to keep up the momentum.

I think one way I can help make it more likely that I have time for my friends, is to have more time for me. The more open my schedule, the more likely I will be able to say yes instead of no to my social life.

2008 Goals

  • Openness in my schedule so I can have a social life
  • New glasses
  • Improved health indicators
    • Normal blood sugar (A1c ~ 90)
    • Lowered overall cholesterol levels (< 200)
    • Baseline weight closer to ~200 lbs
    • Walk 30 minutes three times a week


  • Radical self care routines
  • Weekly & daily planning

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