I was just recently referred to as a “Fluffy Bunny.” To those that even know me just a little, that moniker seems ill placed. But the reason it happened is because of a further mislabeling that happens all the time.

Most folks assume that I am a liberal.

And no Senator McCarthy, I am not now nor have I ever been a liberal.

So this person assumed that because I signed on to an open letter calling for diplomacy with Iran instead of a military response, he assumed incorrectly that only a liberal would make that assessment.

Part of the problem lies in the classic American ignorance of class, the political spectrum and our own (and everyone else’s) history.

We Americans have been fed a bunch of malarkey about our political system. That we are or have ever been a two-party system, that left and right denote the Democrats and Republicans respectively and that there is such a thing as the mythical middle class.

We have always had more than two parties, both the Democrats and the Republicans are on the right and what we are facing is just short of class warfare – and BTW, the bourgeois coalition is winning at the moment.

So for the record, I have no friggin idea what to call myself. Maybe I am an anarcho-socialist-ecofeminist-universalist-poet-saboteur or something equivalent. But in whatever guise I adopt, I hardly ever am “fluffy” and even on good days I am pretty sure I cannot hop.

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